Company Profile

Gooe is Foshan daogao building materials Co., Ltd.. 2009 heavy masterpiece. The world produced as a Dao Gao, since its inception has established the goal and direction of high-end product development of the high quality.

"ABC" from "beyond". Gooe ceramics to flgo beyond everything possible- for the idea, by the valley of Mount Qomolangma art and will inspire, follow the weco boutique" line.Aims to cross the pinnacle of ceramic art. Its heritage of innovation, to infinity and beyond as "Gooe"meaning of brand extension, is the pursuit of environmental quality of artistic personality reflect Is an enterprising zhuo. Achievements of the world ceramic art "peak" powerful evidence.The perfect interpretation of the "ecological may be copied, technology beyond the higher, the grade to reach the highest" "all possible".

Creation is the driving force of the forward, beyond the direction of the stick. Sharp tools make good work Gooe ceramics currently has 53000 square meters of large factories, over 1800 square meters of brand image gallery, purchased at the same time a number of polishing brick system advanced production lines. Company to imple ment the international advanced management mode, pay attention to environmental protection, and constantly cultivate the core com- petitiveness of enterprises, So that enterprises to maintain a sustainable and healthy development, comprehensive strength in the domestic industry leader. Company through the integration of capital, knowledge, talent technology and information resources, has been widely recognized in the market.

Company will be adhering to the"provide the stage, the achievement of talent, create a cause"bussiness philosophy, to create a good corporate culture atmosphere, the establishment of learning organi-zations, to create a cohesive team. At the same time, it will vigorously develop and cultivate brand products, to improve strong world building materials Industry layout Gooe ceramic product line rich, to consolidate and enhance Gooe ceramics in building deco-ration materials market competitive position.

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